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La "Valle Verde s.r.l" sowers since 1999

The "Valle Verde s.r.l." is a young firm. Young people work there from 10 years in the City of Gravina in Puglia (Bari). His objective has always to produce seeders for Conservation Agriculture.

Numerous publications releases on trade magazines highlight of our commitment in the testing and dissemination of the technique of "seeding on hard."

The experience gained in the field, caused by a deep knowledge of agricultural techniques, conservation agriculture, have enabled us to develop seeders dedicated o "seeding on hard", innovative technology and environmentally friendly. to be continue...

Techniques of seeding on unbroken

The seeding of cereals on hard fields represents the most modern and profitable manner of wheat's cultivation in suitable environments.

This innovative technique the seeding of foresees wheat on land not worked without any expensive ploughs and treatments for the sharpening of the ground.

"Valle Verde srl" has been producing for years such kind of sowers, conceived and sized for our land and for the need of the small, middle and big Agricultural Firm. to be continue...


15th December 2011
- Prove in campo - ITAS "G. Briganti" - MATERA - ITALY
28th April / 3th May 2011
- Fiera Internazionale dell'Agricoltura FOGGIA - ITALY
14th April / 17th April 2011
- 718^ Fiera S. Giorgio GRAVINA IN PUGLIA (BA) - ITALY


15th November 2010
- Great success for the machines LASEMINASODO EIMA 2010 Bologna Fair concluded yesterday. Praise came from representatives from all over the world for value for money machines. We thank all the visitors interested in visiting our stand.


Gravina in Puglia - BARI - ITALY
S.P. 230 Km 60,900
Tel/Fax 080 326 48 10

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About us

This page, which will be continually updated, will be for you all proof of how our company and our products are confirmed on the market.

Here we will not be us to talking about "Laseminasodo" but the press.

Below you will find the complete list of reviews that the various heads of industry and not ,have done on our products.

A further test of the goodness and efficiency of our products that repay the efforts made and urges us to not to abandon the research in this area, which will be surely, how many times we have said, the future of Conservation Agriculture.

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Possible for all!

The "Valle Verde s.r.l." is a young firm, composed by young people.

Becoming part of this world means joining a great team, who, with competence, commitment and determination contributes to achieving the objectives we set ourselves and the successes that each year the company gets.

People are the fundamental structure of our company, the key to our success.

And are central to our strategy. If you want to collaborate with us please contact us, you will have much satisfaction and high earnings.

Currently we are looking for collaborators in the region of Sicily and central-northern Italy there are also opportunities in areas already covered.

Piero Giglio

Tel. 335 69 51 497

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